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Great Pizza in Wyoming!?!

When I moved here from CT I heard that the Big Horn Mercantile had “great” pizza. Coming from the Northeast I was more than a little skeptical. So, we had to give it a shot.

Their motto is “this shit is legit” and they don’t lie. I’m originally from NJ, did my time in NYC, spent a few years in CA, landed back in CT due to proximity to NY and now have found my happy place in Sheridan, WY. And, let me tell you, the last thing I expected to find was pizza BETTER than most that I’ve had in NY, NJ, or CT (CA pizza sucks, sorry.) Pepe’s in New Haven is consistently rated near the top of the nation’s best pizza list. I don’t think they’ve ever tried the Merc who gives them a serious run for their money.

The ingredients are incredible with perfect cheese, amazing meats (sausage from Legerski’s), super fresh veggies, and the perfect amount of tomato in the sauce which is very hard to accomplish. The dough has a perfect consistency, and they also make cinnamon buns that are out of this world if you feel that pizza for breakfast is just wrong. There is a long-held rule that the water makes the dough - why NYC always has great bagels and pizza.

If you haven’t tried the Merc do yourself a favor and get on that. Be prepared to wait because perfection takes time. I always call in my order and they give an accurate estimate of when I can pick up. You will see cars from all over lined up outside since I’m sure the Big Horn locals tell their out of town friends about making this stop while out here.

Big Horn Mercantile is located at 210 Johnson St, Big Horn, WY

They are open Monday - Tuesday 4pm - 8pm and Wednesday - Saturday 11am - 8pm

Check out their details here:

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